I listen to lots of podcasts. Here are some of my favorites.

News & Politics

Slate has many excellent podcasts on a variety of topics including the Political Gabfest, the Culture Gabfest, the Double-X Gabfest (gender), Mom and Dad are Fighting (parenting), Amicus (Supreme Court), and Lexicon Valley (language). They have a $5/month premium subscription, which gets you the podcasts with no ads and bonus content.

The Weeds
Ezra Klein’s podcast on public policy that, as the name suggests, really gets into the weeds. It will make you feel very smart.

The Diane Rehm Show
An interview show on a variety of topics, but the Friday News Roundups are particularly good.

Intelligence Squared
Oxford-style debates on all kinds of topics

Life and Culture

This American Life

Fresh Air
Terry Gross is a national treasure.

Pop Culture Happy Hour
People talk about pop culture.

Reply All
The official description is “A Show About the Internet,” but that doesn’t do it justice. It can be pretty gripping. I love the “yes-yes-no” feature, which discusses some of the more obscure features of the Internet.

Slash Filmcast
There’s tons of movie podcasts out there. I’ve listened to several. I think ultimately whether you like a movie podcast depends on the tastes and personalities of the hosts. I like these guys, but you know, find your jam.

More pop culture stuff with Jesse Thorn.

You Must Remember This
On Hollywood history. The 12-part series on Charles Mansion is totally engrossing.

A Cast of Kings
A show about the TV show Game of Thrones, of which I am an enormous fan.

The most popular podcast of all time. If you haven’t listened, you really must.


Philosophy Bites
The hosts interview some high-profile contemporary philosophers. This podcast is short and intended for a general audience.

Very Bad Wizards
Tamler Sommers, a professional philosopher, and David Pizzaro, a psychologist, “ponder the nature of morality” in a light-hearted, casual way. “I’m a very good man…I’m just a very bad wizard.”

“Philosophical hip-hop” that focuses on “voices and topics that are not given much attention in mainstream philosophy.” (No, it’s not actual hip-hop – it’s people talking about philosophy.)

Philosophy Talk
They cover a wide variety of philosophical topics and often have interesting guests.


Comedy Bang Bang
Very silly.

The Todd Glass Show
Even sillier.

Marc Maron’s well-known interview show.

You Made It Weird
Pete Holmes is a good comedian. This show is can be funny, sweet, and sometimes moving. Sometimes veers into new-age topics.