I listen to lots of podcasts. Here are some of my favorites.

News & Politics

Vox has a variety of really wonderful podcasts. Some I like are The Weeds (on policy), The Ezra Klein Show (Klein interviews interesting people), Today Explained, Future Perfect (ostensibly about Effective Altruism, or promising ways to create a better future), and The Impact (about how public policy effects real people).

Slate has many excellent podcasts on a variety of topics including the Political Gabfest, the Culture Gabfest, The Waves (gender), Trumpcast, Amicus (Supreme Court), and Lexicon Valley (language). They have a $5/month premium subscription, which gets you the podcasts with no ads and bonus content.

The Daily
A daily podcast from NYT

The NPR Politics Podcast

Life and Culture

This American Life

Fresh Air
Terry Gross is a national treasure.

Reply All
The official description is “A Show About the Internet,” but that doesn’t do it justice. It can be pretty gripping. I love the “yes-yes-no” feature, which discusses some of the more obscure features of the Internet.

No Small Thing
My brother’s podcast about whatever he and co-host Macie are interested in. Topics include Kendrick Lamar, Steven Universe, ASMR, and, of course, the Enneagram.

Slash Filmcast
There’s tons of movie podcasts out there. I’ve listened to several. I think ultimately whether you like a movie podcast depends on the tastes and personalities of the hosts. I like these guys, but you know, find your jam.

You Must Remember This
On Hollywood history. The 12-part series on Charles Mansion is totally engrossing.

A Cast of Kings
A show about the TV show Game of Thrones, of which I am an enormous fan.

The most popular podcast of all time. If you haven’t listened, you really must.


Philosophy Bites
The hosts interview some high-profile contemporary philosophers. This podcast is short and intended for a general audience.

Very Bad Wizards
Tamler Sommers, a professional philosopher, and David Pizzaro, a psychologist, “ponder the nature of morality” in a light-hearted, casual way. “I’m a very good man…I’m just a very bad wizard.”

“Philosophical hip-hop” that focuses on “voices and topics that are not given much attention in mainstream philosophy.” (No, it’s not actual hip-hop – it’s people talking about philosophy.)

Philosophy Talk
They cover a wide variety of philosophical topics and often have interesting guests.


Comedy Bang Bang
Very silly.

The Todd Glass Show
Even sillier.

Marc Maron’s well-known interview show.

You Made It Weird
Pete Holmes is a good comedian. This show is can be funny, sweet, and sometimes moving. Sometimes veers into new-age topics.